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Bumper Boats

Sela Logo in colour.jpg

D-504 Big Disco Boat

D-512 Big Disco Boat with Water Cannon

Big Disco D-504 Red and Yellow copy.png
Big Disco Boat with Water Cannon.jpg

D-506C Big Disco Boat with Movable Canon

D-506 Bounty

Bounty D-506.jpg

D-506/A Bounty
with Water Cannon 


D-508 Duck Boat

D-509 Pelican Boat

D-510 Hovercraft

Duck Boat D-508.jpg
Pelican Boat D-509.jpg
Hovercraft D-540.jpg

D-511 Jet Ski


D-513 Mr Crab

D-507 Swan Boat

Mr Crab D-513.jpg
Swan Boat D-507 2.jpg

Pool Information

bumper boat pool size.jpg

Suggested Quantity Per Pool Size

12 x 6 metres = 6 Boats
16 x 8 metres = 8 Boats
20 x 10 metres = 10 Boats


For more information on these vehicles, please email us

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